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glitteredhorse in november2010

First time in a while

1. Baby Name and Age: Lilliana Rose, 4 months
2. Weight/length/clothing size being worn: 11lbs 11oz, 24 inches, finally growing out of 0-3
3. Food! What kind?: Breast milk, started on rice cereal
4. Sleep habits: Sleeps 8pm-5am, back down til 9ish, nap at 11-12, and nap at 3-5.
5. Any "changing table" issues?: Her poo is really starting to stink
6. Milestones: Grabbing everything, like my nose and hair, trying to eat everything, she is even starting to hold her own bottle. She's attempting to crawl already but doesn't have the motor skills for it yet and it makes her so mad. She can spin herself in a circle, though.
7. What's driving you crazy?: WIC mostly now. They are getting on my case because Lilly's been gaining really slowly. But according to her pediatrician and my public health nurse, she's fine. I'm just going to give her a giant bottle before we go to WIC next time to get them to shut up. She's been gaining about 5oz a month instead of the at least 12oz they want her to gain.
8. What has been going well/making you happy?: Having our own place! However that also means I don't have internet, so oh well.

Where are 9 and 10?

11. Anything else not covered in the above: Um I don't think so?
12. pictures Not today, since I'm on a computer at the library.


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