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5 months, 10 days, 2 hours

I posted this to my personal journal--it's not in the usual format but it covers most of the same ground. Theo had his 4 month doctor's appointment today. (Yes, at almost 5 1/2 months old. Don't ask me, I don't know why.) So I thought it'd be a good time for a State of the Baby entry.

The doctor's verdict: a healthy, happy guy, though of course we knew that already. Also, ENORMOUS: 95th percentile for height, 99th for weight (22.4 pounds, 28 inches long). Thighs like treetrunks, cheeks like a chipmunk. Zaftig, one of my friends says.

Dance, slaves!

Apparently this is a pretty common growth pattern for breastfed babies--they get huge for the first 6-9 months and then grow at a much slower rate for a year or two after that. I *assume* he'll level off eventually, since J and I are both medium-small products of medium-small parents, though I have some tall uncles. Right now, though, everyone who picks him up says the same thing: oof.

Uncle Mike!

His sleep patterns fell apart for a few weeks in late March, both at home and school. Didn't want to be put down, would wake with a howl, would flail himself awake after 5 minutes of deep-looking sleep. He was giving a bunch of typical signs of teething like drooling and chomping down on anything that would hold still long enough to be chomped, so we figured teeth would be popping up any day. But nah--everything calmed back down again with no teeth to show. He's back to his old schedule of waking up one or two times in the night. I'll take it.

My boys

It might've been developmental, though, because practically overnight he went from "sits wobblingly even with support" to "can sit on the bed for 10 minutes while I fold laundry". On the other hand, he hasn't figured out how to roll over, which is supposed to be an earlier milestone.

He hasn't read the developmental psych books. Big surprise.


In the past week or so he's just been SO happy. He likes strangers, likes the teachers and kids at daycare, is interested in whatever we're holding or doing. His fits of pique are unusual enough that we say silly things like "he's been crying for 3 whole minutes, what could possibly be wrong?" (Note to self: It's *always* that he's tired and in the presence of stuff that's too interesting to sleep through, dummy.) He has long conversations of "aahhh", with occasional falsetto squeaks. He loves grabbing fabric, toys with crinkly stuff in them, and is consistently pulling his mobiles down even though we moved them a few notches higher. He can pull his socks off if he sets his mind to it. He seems very curious. I predict he'll be pulling things apart to figure out how they work as soon as he can open the toolbox on his own.

The doctor said we could start him on some baby cereal any time now--he's a little on the young side but has all the developmental stuff in place. He grabbed an apple out of my hand last week and went to town like he knew what he was doing, so *he* certainly thinks he's ready. We'll probably start on that this week. Nursing's been frustrating sometimes--I was having some little breakdowns when I first started back to work because it's just so damn much responsibility. I can't go somewhere for more than 3 hours without a pump or a baby, as I proved on Saturday by leaving the house for 4 hours and returning with a *completely soaked* shirt. On the other hand, I'm really proud of the fact that I created this happy thriving wiggling guy, that except for a glucose IV that he got for a few hours after being born, every calorie of that wiggling and every one of those hundreds of ounces of pudge are there because of food that came from me. He's been doing this thing lately when he nurses--he'll pop off, look up at me for a few seconds, and then smile as he latches back on. He has an expression that seems to say "I just gotta tell you, ma, this is really nice." I'm glad we stuck with it, though I don't fault anyone who chose or did differently in the slightest. I was totally open to doing formula at the beginning, and I've been fortunate to have everything work out so well.

Overall, it's a fun ride with a hilarious co-pilot.

trying out the high chair


Congrats with your nursing success! I wish we would've been able to so it longer but I just can't keep fighting with her to get her to nurse anymore. I am a bit jealous of your success. Good job Mama!

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