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azure_dragon in november2010

1. Baby Name and Age: Molly Elizabeth Rose, 7 1/2 months

2. Weight/length/clothing size being worn: 17lb ish, 6-9 month and 9-12 month trousers.

3. Food! What kind? 99% breastfed, but starting to eat more solids. We're doing baby led weaning and Molly will eat pretty much anything, but nothing in great amounts. She's slowly getting mroe interested in eating, rather than playin with, her food!

4. Sleep habits: Naps about 11am, 3pm, and sleeps from 7.30pm to 7.00am (with waking lots for night feeds, but I barely noticed them these days!).

5. Any "changing table" issues? Solids are pretty much coming out the same as they went in! I saw a piece of mushroom in with her nappies in the washing machine which was kind of gross! Her poos are definitely smellier now we're on solids which is not a nice development.

6. Milestones: Sitting completely unassisted, starting to rock back on forth on her butt (I think she might be a bum shuffler rather than a crawler!). I'm hoping she might start signing back to me soon since I've been doing 'milk' to her since 2 months!

7. What's driving you crazy?: Getting majorly fed up with the other mums who go to my parent and baby groups - they're just so shallow and chavvy!! I have nothing in common with them apart from our babies. All they talk about is hair styles and nails and their husbands getting drunk (they are mostly army wives). One or two of them actually make me feel bad for breastfeeding, as if I'm rubbing it in that they're not. They think I'm some kind of crazy hippy mum! :P

8. What has been going well/making you happy? Molly continues to be a smiley, happy, social little bundle of joy. She's been to nursery twice now (two trial half days) and has fitted in so well - playing with the other babies and not getting upset apart from having her nappy changed. I'm very proud of her, and of how our little 'attached' family has produced such a confident child. Oh, and Molly keeps laughing at her own farts which is brilliant!

9. How are you doing in general? The dreaded d&v bug caught our famiy, with Molly and I getting sick at the same time (literally - we both threw up a 1.00am one night!) and dad two days later. Molly was sick for a day and had diarrhea for three days, but wasn't too ill. It did wipe us all out for a while though.

10. Are your health and weight loss concerns going well? I keep losing weight! My pre-pregnancy jeans are now baggy, so I need some more. I'm not actively trying to lose weight but I do still breastfeed, have taken to babywearing and walks loads so it's been steadily falling off. I now feel back to a good level of fitness too - I walked 10km wearing Molly the whole time on a huge Geocaching trip and felt fine throughout! The pub lunch halfway did help. ^_^

11. Anything else not covered in the above: Starting work again next week - boo! I have the fun of pumping during my coffee breaks, though I'm hoping I won't have to keep that up for too long. Work is very supportive of me continuing to breastfeed even though it has knock-on affects on what I can and can't do in my job, so that's awesome. I'm kind of looking forward to getting back and having (relatively) grown-up conversations about non-baby stuff, though last tme I went in for a visit we ended up discussing boobs over coffee, so the conversation may not always be all that grown-up!

12. Pictures: Our lovely Didymos wrap:

Kissing herself in the mirror:

Banana handle!

At a friend's 1st birthday party:

All tired out, zonked on dad after the party:

Sleeping wearing boys clothes during the sickness bug as she had been sick on or pooped on all her girly clothes!


Ooh, I have to try that banana handle trick! Theo likes bananas but makes an *enormous* mess.

For the mom's group, you might want to see if there's a La Leche League group around; we're doing a lot of the same hippie stuff and I feel thoroughly middle-of-the-road there.
I've been to two LLL meetings now, but I'm back to work soon so won't be able to go to any more! :( The ladies at my local BF group are a lot nicer, so I'm clinging to them until I go back to work full time - one more month of Friday meetings then no more!

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