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Mar. 21st, 2011




1. Baby Name and Age: Liam's 4 months today.

2. Weight/length/clothing size being worn: Everyone's saying what a big boy he is but he weighed at 15.5pounds last week. Puts him above average - it seems that lots of kids here are *well* above average.

3. Food! What kind?: Breastmilk. I go to uni once a week for 4-5 hours and leave him with my MIL but he refuses to take the bottle even though he used to a couple of months back. We keep trying and figure if he's starving, he'll take it, otherwise 5 hours isn't going to kill him. If he keeps this up, we might try starting solids, but I don't think he's ready. I'm so excited for solids though! (minus the mess and the poo)

4. Sleep habits: He goes to bed somewhere between 9-11pm and wakes up at about 9-10am, and wakes up twice before 7am, then every hour after that. I take him to bed with me after 7am. Naps, well, they're just getting shorter and shorter, but I'm getting maybe 4 naps of about 15min-45 min in. My maternal health nurse thinks that's crazy and has booked me in for a 2 day/night sleep school but I probably won't go.

5. Any "changing table" issues?: He's beginning to poo only every 3rd day and make it a HUGE one.

6. Milestones: He doesn't roll that much. This morning I went into his room to find him on his belly, on his hands, wondering how he got there and distressed :) I also think he's a ninja. I'll put him on a mat, look away, look back and find he's on the other side of the mat. No idea how. He eats everything he can get his hands on, especially the glasses on my face :(

7. What's driving you crazy?: I really need some time to do something without him that doesn't involve some sort of family responsibility. Not shopping, not uni, not work. All my friends have moved away so it's making me a bit sad.

8. What has been going well/making you happy?: I really love that Liam doesn't cry anymore for no apparent reason. I love his laughing.

11. Anything else not covered in the above: In response to the last post - we also have a Bumbo seat that Liam loves, but his legs are really fat too. We got him the tray, but I can't get him in the seat with the tray on, and the tray is so hard to get on when he's already in it!
We got one of those Ikea high chairs and Liam sits in it fine and hangs out while we eat dinner. He sort of slumps after a while but then I just prop him up with a squishy heat bag. He also loves sitting in one of those walkers with the wheels, but I only put him in for a minute or two if he's crying. I don't like them.


Mar. 19th, 2011

reading girl


(no subject)

1. Baby Name and Age: Tyron. 4 months on Thursday

2. Weight/length/clothing size being worn: 22lbs, 27", 9-12m clothes.

3. Food! What kind?: Formula. We've been thinking about solids here, but aren't really sticking to any sort of official plan. We're just going with whatever works whenever it works. I've been over thinking it too much, and it's been driving me crazy.

4. Sleep habits: Last night he slept ten hours in a row! It was pretty awesome. I'd love if that was the new normal.

5. Any "changing table" issues?: He's had a few hard poops, but it seems to come and go and will be normal in 2 days, then he'll have a day with hard poop and then normal the next day, etc. We were told that it's because his digestive system is changing, but I'm not sure how much I believe that. It was recommended to us to give him some fruit purees, but we haven't done that yet. He's not actually constipated, as he IS pooping every day and doesn't seem to be in any pain.

6. Milestones: He rolls from belly to back, and CAN roll from back to belly (he's done it twice, but both times were when I tried to get him to sleep on his back), he laughs a lot, he can push himself up onto his elbows, he grabs onto things and puts them in his mouth... um... I think that's it, really. He's meeting all major milestones at a pretty average rate.

7. What's driving you crazy?: Packing! We're moving in 12 days and there are boxes everywhere! I'm really anxious to get moved and unpacked!

8. What has been going well/making you happy?: Moving! :) We're so excited to move. We're moving into a 3 bedroom place in a nice area, and it's going to be great. I can hardly wait to get there and get settled in.

9. How are you doing in general?: Decent.

10. Are your health and weight loss concerns going well?: No. I had some blood work done and they found a variety of issues. I'm struggling with weight loss despite eating healthy and being physically active. It's frustrating. I've accepted the fact that my body is different now, but I still feel kind of ugly some days. And I was so super healthy while pregnant, it's been hard to be less healthy and having issues with my health (nothing serious).

11. Anything else not covered in the above: Um... no.

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Mar. 18th, 2011




I was literally writing this when _criminal_ beat me to it! ^_^

1. Baby Name and Age: Molly Elizabeth Rose, 4 1/2 months

2. Weight/length/clothing size being worn: 14 lb 2 weeks ago, 3-6 and 6-9 months

3. Food! What kind? Breast milk. Anyone on solids yet? We're planning on baby led weaning so will be waiting for a couple of months yet until Molly is absolutely ready, unless her weight gain starts dropping.

4. Sleep habits: Still nowhere near sleeping through the night, but I don't mind since we've got the hang of night feeding now. Starting to stretch the night feeds out again after a major sleep regression that lasted a couple of months due to teething and a cold and goodness knows what else. Molly is a very good sleeper though - goes down easily at night with a feed and a cuddle, and is starting to go down for more regular naps which is giving me some nice LJ-update time (about the only task I cannot do with a baby on my lap or in a wrap!).

5. Any "changing table" issues? Still pooping 4+ times a day. Sigh.

6. Milestones: Holding head up well on belly, sits in Bumbo, rolls from front to back but only when naked! Laughs, babbling, grabbing.

7. What's driving you crazy? I wish my husband would have more time for our daughter. He seems to think it's okay to plonk her down and not interract with her when she's in a good mood - basically he will only pick her up when she starts complaining. I know he's not going to build that awesome daddy-daughter bond he dreams of unless he starts playing with her when she's in a good mood!

8. What has been going well/making you happy? Improving weather means we've been able to sit on a blanket in the lawn and watch the outside world. Lots of exciting things going on means I've been able to do some gardening with Molly watching, which is awesome! Plus nursing in the garden in the sunshine makes me sooooo happy!

9. How are you doing in general? Great! Feeling very positive at the moment! :D

10. Are your health and weight loss concerns going well? Breastfeeding and babywearing have really helped me get back in shape, and while I'm not as fit as I was when I was cycling 24 miles a day, I'm certainly getting nice and trim again. Stretch marks have even almost faded! I have lost my nice butt though - it's all small and saggy. :(

11. Anything else not covered in the above: Back to work is starting to loom - mid-June is the date. I'm not exactly looking forward to it!

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Status Update!

Its been a very long while!

1. Baby Name and Age: Camron Luciano 3 months 2 weeks and 4 days!

2. Weight/length/clothing size being worn: 14lbs 24 1/2 inches hes in 3-6 months and some 6 months

3. Food! What kind? Enfamil A.R

4. Sleep habits: He had been sleeping thru the night since 8 weeks old, but recently he began to wake up at 2am and then again at 6am. So he'll sleep 830pm-2am 230am-6am then usually 630am to 930am...IDK why! I thought it was a growth spurt but its been 2 weeks now!

5. Any "changing table" issues? nope!

6. Milestones: He talks a lot, grabbing things, holding toys, rolling over from side to side, can hold his head up really good while on his belly. smiles a whole ton and he is also trying to scoot while hes on his belly!

7. What's driving you crazy, Cant wait til hes sleeping thru the night again! i liked 830-7am!

8. What has been going well/making you happy? life in general is great!

9. How are you doing in general? im A1

10. Are your health and weight loss concerns going well? YES! Im down 56 lbs from the day I gave birth! Ive been going to the gym at least 4xs a week for a min of 2 hours! And I feel great ta boot!

11. Anything else not covered in the above: hmm dont think so!

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Mar. 2nd, 2011

random - smiley face



Hey everyone!

My husband and I are thinking about relocating because we are ready for a change.

Right now we live in central Michigan, and these are our top picks for where we want to move:

-Chattanooga, Tennessee
-Charlotte, North Carolina
-Orlando, Florida
-Fayetteville, Arkansas
-Phoenix, Arizona
-Portland, Oregon

Are any of you from any of these areas? Do you recommend them? We would love a family-friendly (obviously) area with lots of walkability - we are a one car family, so the easier it is to walk to places the better!

We are also open to suggestions, so if you think your city is fabulous please tell me about it! Our only requirement is that there is a GameStop - my husband is a manager at one here and he would be transferring.

Let me know!! :)

Feb. 19th, 2011



Haven't done one of these in a while...

1. Baby Name and Age: Elias Casimiro, 3 months and one day

2. Weight/length/clothing size being worn: Yesterday at the pedi he was 14lbs on the dot. No idea on today's length. A month ago he was 24.25" long. He wears 3-6 month clothes and some are getting too small (oof).

3. Food! What kind? Breastmilk (some of mine, most from several donors), a bit of formula here and there

4. Sleep habits: Bedtime between 6:30 and 7:00pm. Usually wakes up around 10pm to eat, then again around 2pm to eat, then around 5am but will usually be content with cuddles. Wakes up for the day between 6 and 7am. Takes 40min catnaps throughout the day typically because we are always running around.

5. Any "changing table" issues? He goes several days without pooping and then really lets go, good times!

6. Milestones: Reaches for and holds toys. Very vocal and just started gargling and shrieking, testing his voice. And just rolled from his belly to his back for the first times today!

7. What's driving you crazy, if anything? The overnight wake-ups. When he was a newborn he would regularly sleep from 11pm until 5am without waking. He would cluster feed from 7pm until about 10pm. Now he goes to bed early and doesn't cluster feed at all so he wakes a lot more and I am tiiiiiiired.

8. What has been going well/making you happy? I am just so smitten with him. When we had our anatomy scan I was a little disappointed at first because I really wanted my daughter to have a little sister. But now I know this is exactly the baby I was meant to have. He is wonderful.

9. How are you doing in general? I'm going back to work on March 1st and I'm not really looking forward to it. And can't seem to get along with my wife for more than about 5 minutes which is frustrating and sad.

10. Are your health and weight loss concerns going well? I had started going to the gym regularly but lately I've just been too tired. He just wakes so much in the night and I get so little sleep. Since I could only go to the gym after kid bedtime, I wasn't getting there until about 8pm... and I am too tired to do that these days.

11. Anything else not covered in the above: I love watching my daughter be a big sister. She takes her role very seriously, and it warms my heart. <3

12. Pictures: Haven't uploaded anything recent.

Feb. 15th, 2011



(no subject)

1. Baby Name and Age: Molly Elizabeth Rose, 15 weeks 3 days.

2. Weight/length/clothing size being worn: About 12 1/2 lb, 3-6 month clothing.

3. Food! What kind? Boobs. We managed a feed in my new ring sling yesterday and I was able to walk around the house! This is a huge achievement as it means I can feed her shopping etc without having to find a seat and sit down for half an hour! If only I could do the same while in the car... I have also mastered feeding side-laying which makes night time feeds sooooo much easier! ^_^

4. Sleep habits: All over the place, due to teething and a cold. Sleeping well at nights, but very unpredictable during the day. She still wakes 3-4 times for a feed in the night but I don't mind.

5. Any "changing table" issues? Still pooping like a trooper. 2-3 poops per day sometimes, but 90% of the time they are nice and yellow and seedy so I'm not concerned.

6. Milestones: WE HAD A LAUGH HELL YEAH! My nan was tickling her and she laughed! I've not been able to reproduce it yet though, but will keep trying. :)

7. What's driving you crazy, if anything? My mother now told me Molly needs to stop sleeping in my bed. I didn't feel like explaining to her about the benefits of co-ssleeping and bedsharing so just said it made nighttime feeding much easier and she was cool with that. My MIL keeps bugging me about the bedsharing, but I thought my mum would be a bit more open-minded about it. Maybe next time I see her I'll tell her about attachment parenting and all the reading I've been doing on it - I'm sure it's the sort of thing she'd be rather supportive of given enough information. :)

Molly's cold has been interferring with out usual weekly routine. I've been going to much fewer baby socials because I don't want to make the other babies ill, which means I've been staying at home watching TV and eating rubbish rather than getting out for walks and playing with other babies. Hopefully she'll be better by the end of the week!

8. What has been going well/making you happy? Despite teething and having a cold and constantly grabbing my hair, Molly is 95% of the time a wonderful, easy-going baby. She's happiest snuggled in the Moby wrap but is also quite happy to be put down on her gym or bouncy chair while I do washing or whatever, and she's never cried without us being able to soothe her within 10 minutes (though sometimes we're not allowed to sit down and have to keep walking while holding her!). She always sleeps very well and though she still feeds quite a bit in the night she goes back to sleep straight away so I don't mind. I love being a mum and can't bear the thought of going back to work and leaving her in day care!

9. How are you doing in general? Very occassionally I get a bit touched out and need a bit of time off, but husband is usually on hand to help and allow me to have a bath or do some shopping without Molly, which is always nice.

10. Are your health and weight loss concerns going well? Babywearing and breastfeeding have helped tremendously, and I have been walking the 2 1/2 miles up and down hills into the larger town for baby social events and courses. Being a skinflint helps since the bus costs £4.60 return!

11. Anything else not covered in the above: Still crying at NSPCC adverts on TV. :(

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Feb. 11th, 2011



Chatty babies

What's the wierdest thing your baby has started having a conversation with? I was discussing this with some other mums recently - one said their baby had a 10 minute conversation with a bottle of water! Molly has been chatty with her gym toys and cot bumper, but most wierdly I caught her chatting with a cushion after putting her down on a sofa for a minute! ^_^

Feb. 8th, 2011



C-section questions

Not really baby related,

But lately I've been noticing my incision from my c-section has become more irritated and I'm sore a lot more than I used to be. I haven't been taking painkillers for over a month for it, and it's weird to me that I wasn't sore before and now I am. I haven't been moving around more/exercising more than I was a few weeks ago. I've also been feeling quite crampy lately, like my period is about to start (but it's been going on for like a month now, getting more intense in the last few weeks). Sometimes I get a very sharp stabbing pain right along the incision site.

For those of you that have had c-sections when does this go away? Am I doomed to feel crampy and sore for the rest of my life?

Feb. 6th, 2011


(no subject)

1. Baby Name and Age: Benjamin Joseph is 3 months old as of Feb 3rd

2. Weight/length/clothing size being worn: I weighed him yesterday - 16.5 lbs and he's growing out of 3-6 month clothing and going into 6-9 mo's quickly

3. Food: Exclusively breastfeeding like a champ

4. Sleep habits: 7-8 hours at night, and 3-4 naps a day

5. Any changing table issues?: Nope, doing very, very well!

6. Milestones: He laughs all the time! And he's been cooing a ton.He grabs for his toys that hang off his bouncy seat. He wants to sit up so badly, but hasn't even started to roll or anything.

7. What's been driving you crazy, if anything?: My other children! I've been so tired lately, Benjamin has been nursing a lot more lately and has been a bit on the cranky side as he wants to cuddle 24/7 but with 3 other kids (4,5 and9) that are all battling for attention, it's a little stressful.

8. What has been going well/making you happy?: My eldest is in his 4rth year of baseball and my 5 year old is starting T Ball for the first time! Hubby now has 3 days off a week so it's not as lonely and I'm getting a bit more help.

9. How are you doing in general? Okay, I guess. Tired as I've been sick all week.

10. Are your health/weight loss concerns going well?: Lost 27 lbs, 25 to go. I was stagnant for a while, depression took hold and I didn't do much but ate a ton of crap food. Having fun on my Wii Fit though!

11. Anything else not covered in the above: I'm tired of looking at the 3 1/2 feet of snow outside. I feel locked inside. I can't wait for the warm weather so I can wrap Benjamin up in the Moby Wrap and go walking down our dirt road and get some real exercise. Plus he's been sucking his thumb. I gave him a pacifier at about 8 weeks old, and he only uses it sometimes to take naps, but the moment it comes out the thumb goes in. I just don't want him sucking his thumb til he's 7 years old like his father.

12. Pictures?

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