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Dec. 1st, 2011


update :)

i haven't had time to update in forever! I remember liam i think was one of the first babies in the community that was born and he came early, october 16th. i was due november 7th. anyway, he's a mobile little guy now! Lets see..Liam's father and I got divorced back in May, so we've had joint custody but i have him most of the time. I actually started dating a new guy back in june and theres a slight possibility that we may be expecting..total surprise..but we wont know for sure for a week when i go see the doctor. i cant believe our babies are already one! posted a couple pics of Liam now too :)

Jun. 29th, 2011



Hello *echo*

Wow shame this place is good as dead :(

If anyone wants to do a friends add/swap I would be up for it, be nice to read how some of the other Nov babies are getting on x

Jun. 11th, 2011



(no subject)

1. Baby Name and Age: Molly Elizabeth Rose, 7 1/2 months

2. Weight/length/clothing size being worn: 17lb ish, 6-9 month and 9-12 month trousers.

3. Food! What kind? 99% breastfed, but starting to eat more solids. We're doing baby led weaning and Molly will eat pretty much anything, but nothing in great amounts. She's slowly getting mroe interested in eating, rather than playin with, her food!

4. Sleep habits: Naps about 11am, 3pm, and sleeps from 7.30pm to 7.00am (with waking lots for night feeds, but I barely noticed them these days!).

5. Any "changing table" issues? Solids are pretty much coming out the same as they went in! I saw a piece of mushroom in with her nappies in the washing machine which was kind of gross! Her poos are definitely smellier now we're on solids which is not a nice development.

6. Milestones: Sitting completely unassisted, starting to rock back on forth on her butt (I think she might be a bum shuffler rather than a crawler!). I'm hoping she might start signing back to me soon since I've been doing 'milk' to her since 2 months!

7. What's driving you crazy?: Getting majorly fed up with the other mums who go to my parent and baby groups - they're just so shallow and chavvy!! I have nothing in common with them apart from our babies. All they talk about is hair styles and nails and their husbands getting drunk (they are mostly army wives). One or two of them actually make me feel bad for breastfeeding, as if I'm rubbing it in that they're not. They think I'm some kind of crazy hippy mum! :P

8. What has been going well/making you happy? Molly continues to be a smiley, happy, social little bundle of joy. She's been to nursery twice now (two trial half days) and has fitted in so well - playing with the other babies and not getting upset apart from having her nappy changed. I'm very proud of her, and of how our little 'attached' family has produced such a confident child. Oh, and Molly keeps laughing at her own farts which is brilliant!

9. How are you doing in general? The dreaded d&v bug caught our famiy, with Molly and I getting sick at the same time (literally - we both threw up a 1.00am one night!) and dad two days later. Molly was sick for a day and had diarrhea for three days, but wasn't too ill. It did wipe us all out for a while though.

10. Are your health and weight loss concerns going well? I keep losing weight! My pre-pregnancy jeans are now baggy, so I need some more. I'm not actively trying to lose weight but I do still breastfeed, have taken to babywearing and walks loads so it's been steadily falling off. I now feel back to a good level of fitness too - I walked 10km wearing Molly the whole time on a huge Geocaching trip and felt fine throughout! The pub lunch halfway did help. ^_^

11. Anything else not covered in the above: Starting work again next week - boo! I have the fun of pumping during my coffee breaks, though I'm hoping I won't have to keep that up for too long. Work is very supportive of me continuing to breastfeed even though it has knock-on affects on what I can and can't do in my job, so that's awesome. I'm kind of looking forward to getting back and having (relatively) grown-up conversations about non-baby stuff, though last tme I went in for a visit we ended up discussing boobs over coffee, so the conversation may not always be all that grown-up!

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May. 15th, 2011



6 month photos!

I got Lilly's 6 month photos done yesterday and wanted to share some with you guys.

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May. 11th, 2011



Lilly's Sixth Month Update

1. Baby Name and Age: Lilliana Rose, 6 months today!

2. Weight/length/clothing size being worn: 14ish lb, haven't weighed her recently, though I've been tempted to put her in those fruit scales at the grocery store! Lol. 25ish inches, fitting really well into 3-6 clothes and some of the pants are starting to get too short, but she is tall and skinny so they barely stay up! I'm sure the 6-9 would just fall right off. But she's grown through her 3-6 clothes in just over 4 weeks.

3. Food! What kind? Mostly formula now, I think this morning might've been our last time breastfeeding. My supply took a big dive when she stopped being interested in nursing a month ago and refused to eat, and now I think I'm doing it more for me than her...we were only nursing once a day anyway. But I made it to six months! I'm really proud of myself! I will still pump for her until I completely dry up.

She's also been getting vegetables, she's had sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, peas, and carrots, and some fruit, apples and pears. She loves her fruit!

4. Sleep habits: 8pm-8am, 11-12:30, 3-5 or 5:30. She is very regular with her naps and sleeping at night.

5. Any "changing table" issues? Yesterday she had such a big poo we had to stick her under the faucet in the bathtub and rinse her off because I have no idea where I would've even STARTED otherwise. It was everywhere!

6. Milestones: She is sitting really well and getting her balance, she sat for 10 minutes the other day by herself while I played with her and didn't lose her balance once. She is getting so close to crawling, yesterday I was doing something in the kitchen and looked in on her in the living room, and she was up on her hands and feet with her butt up in the air, rocking back and forth. She fell over, but it's only going to be a few days with how she learns stuff. She is already zooming backwards all over everything. Right now she's just learned to pull her toy bug that plays music (and earned her the nickname Lillybug courtesy of my 2 1/2 year old nephew, lol). And there it goes again! I'm so proud of her. She is so smart.

7. What's driving you crazy?: Nothing about Lilly or the family really, but we are running into problem after problem with my husband's schooling and right now it's that he can't get financial aid for next semester because of a stupid form, and the lady who's supposed to have the form did the paperwork wrong and she refuses to get the form or fix it, and it makes me mad because he SHOULD have graduated this year but didn't because of the school's BS. So this SHOULDN'T be an issue. Now we're going to have to spend Lilly's college fund on hubby, and HOPEFULLY that and our savings will cover it.

8. What has been going well/making you happy? The weather has been just gorgeous here! It hasn't snowed in over a week! So we've been going for lots of walks and that's been really nice for me because I can get out and exercise and hopefully lose this last 15lbs of baby weight, then lose the other 15lbs I wanted to lose before I GOT pregnant.

9. How are you doing in general? Last week I was really crampy and nauseous, it went away friday night and I got my period saturday morning, as well as a nasty cold! The congestion has gone away but now I have a lovely cough that my asthma will probably turn into bronchitis for the millionth time.

10. Are your health and weight loss concerns going well? Well everyone keeps telling me my weight looks like it's melting off but I haven't lost anything in about a month! Rawr! But I am going to my mom's tonight (at 11pm, a 12 hour drive...hubby thinks Lilly will sleep the whole way there this way, hopefully he'll be right), and she is a lot more supportive of my dieting than hubby is.

11. Anything else not covered in the above: We took Lilly swimming for the first time on Saturday and she LOVED it! She is a little fish. Since I showed her how to splash in the pool now she splashes in her tub, lol. But I am glad she likes water. She's also teething and I wish the stupid things would just poke through, she's getting her canines first and they keep starting to poke through and then the gum swells back around them, I just wish it could be overwith!

And right now she was whining in the swing so I told her she was being a "turd" and she apparently thought that was hilarious...now everytime I say it she busts up laughing.

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May. 4th, 2011



Constant Cramping

About a week ago I started cramping again (I haven't felt any pain from my c-section since the beginning of March). I figured it was my period coming on finally...but it's a week later, I'm still quite crampy, and haven't bled a bit. At first it was really stabby pains along my incision and then settled into a dull, constant crampy feeling. For over a week. Of course this has put me in a terrible mood. I'd chalk it up to PMS if my period was anywhere in sight. People I've talked to have said the first stabbing pain was normal along the scar tissue and one of them said she cramps for 3 days to a week before her period, but never this long. Any insight?

Apr. 25th, 2011




1. Baby Name and Age: Molly Elizabeth Rose, 6 months this Saturday

2. Weight/length/clothing size being worn: About 16lb, 6-9 months

3. Food! What kind?: Still breastfed, but starting our baby led weaning adventure next weekend!

4. Sleep habits:Finally getting back on track after a major sleep regression that's been going on 2 and a half months now. Sleeping about 8pm-2am then waking every 2 hours for feeds.

5. Any "changing table" issues?: Pooping every other day now, shivers when she pees which is hilarious!

6. Milestones: Rolls over both ways but only when not wearing a washable nappy, pincer grab almost there, sooo nearly sitting up unaided (good at balancing but only for a few seconds), copying us loads with things like hand games and watching us eat like a hawk!

. What's driving you crazy?: MIL has given Molly the nickname 'Beast', as in "let your mother have a bath, you Beast" and "Beast, you can't want feeding again!". It's all very jokey and affectionate but it kind of annoys me, especially as husband is now using it. I dislike the insinuation that Molly is deliberately being awkward to interrupt my evenings. Le sigh.

8. What has been going well/making you happy?: Molly is becoming so sonfident and social - she flirts with everyone, grinning and babbling at random strangers and blowing bubbles all the time. She's daft and funny and brilliant and I love her totally!

9. How are you doing in general?: Good! Making the most of these lovely long hot days before the return to work date begins to loom...

10. Are your health and weight loss concerns going well?: Probably put on some weight over the recent holiday from eating coissants and duck and chocolate for 10 days in France! Not really fussed though. Doing loads of walking with DH Geocaching and babywearing is all helping fitness return.

11. Anything else not covered in the above: I have an interview in 3 weeks time! It's for a job in the department my husband used to work in. More money and supervising = good. Kind of terrified though as I feel so out of the loop with work and I have to do a presentation and ARGH stress.

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Cross posted to my personal journal.

Apr. 11th, 2011



5 months, 10 days, 2 hours

I posted this to my personal journal--it's not in the usual format but it covers most of the same ground. Theo had his 4 month doctor's appointment today. (Yes, at almost 5 1/2 months old. Don't ask me, I don't know why.) So I thought it'd be a good time for a State of the Baby entry.

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Mar. 31st, 2011

Mudler and Scully


(no subject)

1. Baby Name and Age: Zen 5 months on Saturday

2. Weight/length/clothing size being worn: Last Apt. Aprox. 13lbs+ 25inches long, wearing mostly 3-6 months

3. Food! What kind?: All booby and expressed breastmilk in bottles. I just started trying baby cereal once a week.

4. Sleep habits: He always sleeps all night. He goes down around 10pm and doesn't wake up until 8am usually.

5. Any "changing table" issues?: No issues.

6. Milestones: He crawled today across the living room. Hes a wiggle worm moving all the time. He also smiles and laughs like crazy!

7. What's driving you crazy?: Nothing much other than some work issues that have nothing to do with Zen

8. What has been going well/making you happy?: Zen is an amazing baby. He really doesn't cause any fusses. All those things I heard about lack of sleep and diapers from hell, none of that has happened at all. Zen is very quiet and reserved. He entertains himself and he loves just sitting in my lap watching me do things.

9. How are you doing in general?: Great!

10. Are your health and weight loss concerns going well?: I lost all the baby weight plus some 3 weeks after I had Zen. So I've been great. I did however have a 4th degree episiotomy so that took some time to heal but I did do the deed about a month ago for the first time and all is good. Thank god!

11. Anything else not covered in the above:Nope.

12. Pictures: Just one today!
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Mar. 25th, 2011



First time in a while

1. Baby Name and Age: Lilliana Rose, 4 months
2. Weight/length/clothing size being worn: 11lbs 11oz, 24 inches, finally growing out of 0-3
3. Food! What kind?: Breast milk, started on rice cereal
4. Sleep habits: Sleeps 8pm-5am, back down til 9ish, nap at 11-12, and nap at 3-5.
5. Any "changing table" issues?: Her poo is really starting to stink
6. Milestones: Grabbing everything, like my nose and hair, trying to eat everything, she is even starting to hold her own bottle. She's attempting to crawl already but doesn't have the motor skills for it yet and it makes her so mad. She can spin herself in a circle, though.
7. What's driving you crazy?: WIC mostly now. They are getting on my case because Lilly's been gaining really slowly. But according to her pediatrician and my public health nurse, she's fine. I'm just going to give her a giant bottle before we go to WIC next time to get them to shut up. She's been gaining about 5oz a month instead of the at least 12oz they want her to gain.
8. What has been going well/making you happy?: Having our own place! However that also means I don't have internet, so oh well.

Where are 9 and 10?

11. Anything else not covered in the above: Um I don't think so?
12. pictures Not today, since I'm on a computer at the library.

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